Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Cupcakes


Anybody want to find these Easter eggs hidden around their house? These "eggs" were my first attempt at using an idea from my cookbook Hello Cupcake. I think they actually turned out pretty well for my first try at constructing a multi-step cupcake where the presentation pretty much makes or breaks the dessert.

The base is a chocolate cupcake (I believe I used a "dressed up" box mix), the grass is green tinted frosting, and the eggs are graham crackers that have been frosted and decorated. Creating the eggs is the most time consuming part of this dessert. Using a tracer, you cut each graham cracker into an egg shape by filing down the edges. Then you carefully frost the top and sides of the cracker (without getting your fingers onto it and smooshing the frosting) then sprinkle or dip it into decorating sugar. You attach the egg to the cupcake with a glob of green frosting, then you pipe the grass around the edges of the cupcake underneath the cracker. After it is attached you can decorate your Easter eggs however you like.

Be warned, when eating it is a bit difficult to get all the components in one bite, especially if you try to eat them right after you make them. If you wait a few hours, or better yet the next day, the graham crackers have softened enough that they don't break to bits immediately upon biting into them. Enjoy!



These are so cute and adorable.

Barbara Bakes

These are so fun! This is the first year we haven't colored Easter eggs. This would have been a great substitute!