Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookie Bouquet

Giving cookies as gifts must be one of my love languages! Many, many years ago, before I started baking and decorating sugar cookies I made a cookie bouquet for a birthday gift for someone. At the time it was a very "out of the box" kind of thing to do. Now, it seems that cookie bouquets are all the rage. Fun to give, but usually very expensive for the product you are getting. It was precisely the inflated cost that had me looking to make my own bouquet so long ago.

I realize that this is probably a much simpler version of what you might buy, but it just goes to show that you can give a fun gift at a much lower cost. I bought the terra cotta pot for around $1.00 and painted it in pretty "girly" spring colors to match the tissue and confetti paper. I used a special chocolate chip cookie recipe that worked well for large sized cookie pops. It was a while ago, but I believe I made butterscotch chip, chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with walnuts.

Now, these many years later I might do something different. Maybe spice it up with colors, or add more pizazz to the pot or decorations, or do iced sugar cookies. Who knows? The possibilities are numerous, so I guess I'll just have to find more occasions in which to parcel out my baked goods. Enjoy!