Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Boy Cookies

Aren't these just as sweet as can be? My heart just melts when I think about a new little baby. What better way to welcome a little guy into the world than some sugar cookies just as sweet as he is.

I made these for a baby shower that never ended up happening. Not because the sweet little boy didn't make his appearance, because he did, well actually, they did since it was for two little baby boys. No, it didn't happen because we had a snow storm that ended up closing school for the week in which the shower was going to happen. I thought I was being super prepared by making the cookies on Sunday and icing them on MLK day. Plenty of time to be ready for the shower on Thursday. All I needed to do was to bake the cakes and I was golden. Or so I thought. Then the snow fell . . . and fell . . . and fell. The snow was followed by ice and my first requested "gig" was not to be.

It's not all a sad story. The cookies did eventually get eaten, and by the people who would have most likely attended the shower. I thought about saving them for the rescheduled date but the icing was starting to discolor because I didn't get them into bags soon enough. They were still tasty though. And in the end who can be sad when cute little baby boys are involved. Enjoy!

You can find the cookie and icing recipe here.


shelley c.

Wow. Your sugar cookies always look wonderful, buy these look down right professional. Almost too good to eat!! :)